Super cars and monorails are now what amazes people and we sometimes fail to recollect that it all started when a man named BARON KARL VON DRAIS invented what he called the ‘’ running machine’’ also known as the bicycle in the modern world.Transportation and life in general has evolved so much so that classics such as the beetles or kombis are never sighted unless one of them are sitting in a collector’s garage. Yes they are a thing from the past, and was in the limelight awhile back and had its rise to fame. It is something your mom and dad, even your granddad can relate to, but it’s true what they say, old is gold and a long drive in one would be something that will make you fall off your chair laughing, while sipping your morning coffee when you too have begun to realize that your best days are well behind you. Volkswagen kombis are great for what its era is best known for, to be in love and be free! It is an ideal Volkswagen transporter Kombi which can carry a bunch of crazy college mates or family that has come home for the holidays from all over the world. In the summer, what it can do for you is limitless. 

These vans for hire are well equipped to sleep, camp and eat if you wanted. So it would not only be your car but your bed for the night too. You are sure to have a blast in it and make memories of the lifetime with your loved ones.Volkswagen kombis are timeless pieces. It was hands down the most popular mode of transport back in the 70’s and still has enough charm to make you look cool if you happen to hire a van of that sort. Drive it to a college party or surprise your girl with this unique set of wheels and tick a box off your ‘’to do list’ .Volkswagen kombis have a certain appeal that makes it a versatile transporter. It will fit into a party that is all about ‘’sun and fun’’ as well as a getaway car for when you say ‘’I do’’.Contrary to the popular misconceptions, Volkswagen kombis are comfortable and come with all the features that will get you from point A TO B, safe and sound. There are many local places you can come across a reliable set of wheels that can be just right for you. They not only have vans for hire but go on to offer many other services that are sure to come in handy to make your event or trip one of a kind.